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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Quantitative grading to raise standards for all

An academy chain is to use a controversial and novel technique known as ‘quantitative grading’ to boost results at its schools. The chain of Progression Improvement and Skills Schools (PISS) will inject thousands of A*s, As and level 6s into its data trackers in an effort to raise standards.
The initiative was put forward by the academy chain’s corporate sponsor, a multinational banking group. ‘We simply need more high grades in circulation,’ said Sarah Forbes, Private Banking Consultant at Shitti Group. When challenged on the question of whether quantitative grading would lead to grade inflation, Forbes was adamant. ‘No. It’s not like ‘printing grades’. It’s completely different. This isn’t Zimbabwe.’
‘It does sound dodgy,’ said  Barry Newton, Assistant Head at PISS. ‘But you can trust the banks. I mean, they know what they’re doing, right?’

Quantitative grading will help ensure progress for all

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